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Lives Not Knives

Posted: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 10:53 by Sue Jones

As a National Campaign for Knife Crime continues this week I wanted to thank everyone who has helped promote the prevention messages in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to discourage people carrying knives.

We can see every day in national and local news the presence of knives and the tragic consequences of their use on families, friends and neighbourhoods.

Since October, when I provided an update on the materials and products we were encouraging use of to deter the carriage and use of knives and we have seen the following reach:

A Father Story ( https://youtu.be/HkmGt7ek8BA ) viewed 64,608 times

Laurics Final Minutes ( https://youtu.be/jwOYFg2Gdqc ) viewed 23,821 times

Infographic (https://youtu.be/gzeH2Ye8Bw0 ) viewed 7,395 times

Anthony Joshua (https://youtu.be/_xlG4h1O0nw ) viewed 19,587 times

This is great and I know these have also been shown in presentations to many groups throughout the county by our partners and volunteers.

However we are still seeing that it appears acceptable to carry knives, show them on social media posts, post videos on accounts of posing with knives and carrying them around to show to friends.

This means we need to try even harder to make the awareness of the dangers and consequences to as many resident of Leicestershire as possible and make clear that it is not acceptable, and if you carry a knife there is the chance it can be used and someone lose their life.

#livesnotknives is the approach we have consistently used since last year and I ask you to follow the updates, share and promote the work, encouraging our communities and activity groups to start a discussion about knife crime.

Thank you to all the partnerships engaged so far but I ask you to take time to see how you can share some of these awareness videos wider and allow people to be better informed not to carry a knife, and know what to do if someone they know is carrying a knife.

Monday 12 February 2018 was the Home Office's National Knife Crime week of action, Operation Sceptre. This was the third such operation that Leicestershire Police have taken part in. As you will see we have a wide range of pre- planned activity across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and for the first time since October 2017, we will have Knife Surrender bins at four stations, Loughborough, Wigston, Spinney Hill and Mansfield House.

In addition to the programme there is a large number of Neighbourhood level Knife crime activities taking place such as educational talks and visits to Habitual Knife Carriers.

We must make people aware of the consequences of carrying knives and I encourage everyone who can start a discussion to do so and utilise any of this material to change the culture around carrying a knife.

Thank you. Shane O'Neill, Superintendent, Leicestershire Police

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