Representing and promoting the interests and the well being of the parish

Your Parish Councillors

The allocation of Parish Council Members is 10.

At the present time there are 3 vacancies.

Parish Councillors

Parish Councillor

Telephone No.


Cllr. P. Linnett

0116 239 2123

Chairman Ex Officio on all Committees.

Cllr. R. Darlison

0116 239 3397

Chairman of the Parks, Hall, Events and LiFE Magazine Committee. On all Committees.

Cllr. L. Dracup

0116 238 7604

Councillor, not on any Committees.

Cllr. D. Dawes

0116 239 5884

On all Committees.

Cllr. P. Kitchen

07745 455 677

Vice-Chairman Ex Officio. Chairman of the Planning, Trees and Highways Committee. On all Committees.

Cllr. C. Lawrence

0116 239 3828

Chairman of the Finance and Policies Committee plus Chairman of the Staffing and Appeals Committee. On all Committees.

Cllr. D. Di Palma

07594 419 570

On all Committees.

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